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Sri Ambika Wood Industries


Sri Ambika Wood Industries

Malaysian Sal Wood


A Quality Product from
Sri Ambika Wood Industries [View Profile]
Chennai - India

Description :
he Standard Malaysian Name for the heavy, yellow to brown timbers of the genus Shorea (Dipterocarpaceae). Vernacular names applied include balau (Peninsular Malaysia) with various epithets, selangan batu No. 1 (Sabah), selangan batu (Sabah and Sarawak) and other localised names too numerous to be listed here. Also known as Selangan batu (Brunnei); Phchok (Cambodia); Sal (India); Anggelam, Balau, Bangkirai and Dammar laut (Indonesia); Mai chik khok (Laos); Thitya (Myanmar); Gisok, Malayakal and Yakal (Philippines); and Aek, Ak, Balao, Takhian-samphon, Teng and Rang (Thailand).

The timber is a Heavy Hardwood with a density of 850-1,155 kg/m3 air dry.

The heartwood of this timber is naturally durable, but the sapwood is liable to fungal infestation. Under graveyard testing, untreated specimens (50 mm x 50 mm x 600 mm) of balau kumus hitam (S. maxwelliana) gave a life-span of 15.8 years, which made it one of the most durable timber tested in Peninsular Malaysia .

The timber is extremely resistant to treatment with preservatives.


Texture is fine and even, with deeply interlocked grain.

Nailing property is rated as very poor.


The timber seasons very slowly, with severe end-checking and splitting, moderate surface-checking and staining as the main sources of defects. 13 mm thick boards take 4 months to air dry, while 38 mm thick boards take 8-10 months.

Shrinkage is high, with radial shrinkage averaging 1.8% and tangential shrinkage averaging 3.7%.

The heartwood is very seldom attacked by boring insects, but the sapwood, however, is liable to infestation by powder-post beetles. Spongy heart and compression failures are unusual except in large, somewhat overmature trees (Thomas, 1958). Occasionally, resin pockets filled with solidified resin may be found. A tangential zone of abnormal tissue with abundant intercellular canals and extending longitudinally for considerable distances may also be found.

The timber is suitable for all forms of heavy construction, marine construction, ship and boat building (keels, keelsons and framework), piling, beams, columns (heavy duty), bridges, wharves, cooling tower (structural member), railway sleepers, vehicle bodies (framework and floor boards), boat building, plywood, joinery, cabinet making, mallets, fender supports, door and window frames, staircase (carriage, newel and stringer), pallets (heavy and permanent type), tool handles (impact), telegraphic and power transmission posts and cross arms, posts, joists, rafters, flooring (heavy traffic), decking and heavy duty furniture. ::

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Sri Ambika Wood Industries

We are one of the leading timber Importer. We are supplier and importer of all kinds of wooden sizes for construction of houses, hotels, flats, making furniture etc at reasonable prices. We sell the quality teak wood readymade doors in various sizes, beautiful designs & quality craftsmanship. PRODUCTS : From Malaysia : Sal Kempas Keruing. From South America : Purple Heart Green Heart Tatabu Locuss Mora Kabukalli. From Indonesia : Sal Merbau Keruing. From Africa : Teak Padouk Kussia Talli Belli. From Australia : Kwila Vitex. From Burma : Teak Keruing Pyinkado Haldu (Hnaw).

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