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Tools and Machine Tool Engineers


Tools and Machine Tool Engineers

Mezzanine Floors


A Quality Product from
Tools and Machine Tool Engineers [View Profile]
Chennai - India

Description :
Mezzanine floors are raised platforms that are constructed and supported by steel columns and are completely independent of the infrastructure of the building. Mezzanine floors help in adding floor space to empty air space. This helps to save costs on additional premises but helps in putting to best use the cubic volume of the existing space in the building. Mezzanine floors are the inexpensive solution to help expand the floor area of the premises vertically.

Donracks offers the best in quality steel for the construction of these columns. There are plenty of advantages that can be listed out on the use of mezzanine floors; one of the best to note is that in most cases this may not need the permission of authorities in spite of it offering additional floor space.::

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Tools and Machine Tool Engineers

Manufacturer and Supplier of Display Gondolas, Bakery Counter, Fancy Counter, Billing Counter / Cash Counter, Fruits & Vegetable Racks, Greeting Card Display Racks, CD Racks, Pharmacy Racks, Bookshelf Racks, Sports Racks, Wire Mesh Products, Textile Racks, Bread baskets, Library Racks, Wall Racks, Cold Storage Unit Racks, Medium Duty Racks, Heavy Duty Display Racks, Trolley, Hooks, Aligator Bins, Carry Baskets, Aluminium Showcases

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