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Pest Control (Powderpost Beetle Control In Unfinished Woods)


A Quality Product from
Chennai - India

Description :
Exit holes from the powderpost beetles emerging may not be seen in unfinished woods. It is much more likely that the unfinished woods were already infested when purchased from the factory. We strongly suggest that all timbers are purchased to be treated before assembly. It is much cheaper to treat preventively. The best way for this wood treatment is injecting the Chemical into the exit holes and spraying the entire wood portion. Our chemical is mixed with oil and applied to the wood by way of a hand held pump sprayer

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The Company was established in the year 1995. we offer specialised pest control services, products and equipment with a dedicated workforce.
- Termites [ White Ants ]
* Pre-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment
* Post-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment
- Cockroaches
- Mosquitoes
- Rodent [ Rats ]
- Flies
- Powderpost Beetle [ Wood Borer ]

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