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Chennai MAX Packers and Movers


Chennai MAX Packers and Movers

Packing and Moving Services


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Description :
Today professional movers and certified packers are ready to do it all for you. Having trained packers do all of the packing for you make the whole process move a lot quicker, easy and convenient. It saves your valuable time to attend to all other matters of your move. The major concern of the packers and movers is to provide packing solutions to pack household goods, industrial goods, machineries, art wares, handicrafts, explosives goods, furniture, electronic equipment and several other innumerable fragile products in a manner that they can reach their final destination safely. They are well trained in the proper packing procedures. They know how to pack your fragile items correctly, which guarantees safety of your possessions. They also know how to properly label your items so that your move can be as quick and efficient as possible. They offer quality-packing services with the use of super quality materials such as gunny bags, wooden crates, metal or plastic drums, pallets etc as per the requirement of packaging of goods. Also, they use technically advanced instruments to ensure safety to the maximum extent while packing and thereby providing you needed satisfaction.
Home Packing:

Home Packing Services are meant to pack your household belongings including bedroom items-clothes, linen, mattress, lampshades etc, Kitchen appliances- under the sink, silverware and utensil, pots and pans, Tupperware, bake ware etc, glassware -Interior decorative items, paintings, dried flowers, ceramic tree, lampshades, hurricane globe, glass coffee table, fire screen etc, Electronic items-computers, micro oven, music system etc . All these are really expensive and several have zero tolerance to jerks. From the first roll of tape unraveled to the last box labeled, team of professional packers wrap your entire home right before your eyes to prevent any breakage and loss and pack everything at your convenience.

Office Packing Services:

If you think moving out or into an office is hard - you're wrong - it's almost impossible! An office packing service involves packing countless file cabinets, desks, chairs, all sensitive computer equipment, high-tech machinery and other innumerable office belongings. Professional packers and movers ensure everything gets packed up and more importantly - gets there safely!
Unpacking Services :

Unpacking Services also known as destination services is as tedious and time consuming as is packing. Once goods are packed and moved to their respective destination, the next crucial job is that of unpacking. Unpacking service should be really prompt and quick as these allow an individual or an entire set up getting back to a normal routine. Packers and movers offer their professional services and assistance to carefully unpack without facing any difficulty and avoid any sort of misplacement of goods.Unpackers pick up where the movers stop - they unpack boxes, wash everything, put everything away and arrange them at the proper place or as directed by the customer.Their services are especially useful when the items are in bulk or there are many fragile items that need special care. They remove the packing materials thereby relieving a person of an extra task. The damaged items are kept separately which can be later used as a proof for insurance claims.Trained professionals offered by movers and packers can provide useful tips regarding the setting up of the items. Whether the unpacking service availed is full or partial, depends on the needs and budget of the client.
Depending on the customer’s specifications, either all the boxes or just a few of them are unpacked, to suit the needs. This allows them the time to clean and organize before putting them away. Whether the unpacking service availed is full or partial, depends on the needs and budget of the client.
Unpackers compare final inventory with the initial inventory to ensure that nothing is misplaced at destination.
At times for liability reasons relocators keep a clause that if the packing is done through them, they should also be hired for unpacking which should be checked before signing any contract.
Following are unpacking tasks offered by service providers at a glance--

Unpacking boxes and removing items from them.
Unpacking fragile items with extra care
Placement of fragile items.
Furniture assembly and positioning.
Hanging of shelves and cabinets.
Rubbish disposal.
Unpack cartons and place goods into cupboards.
Cleaning and wiping of Cupboards, shelves and bench tops.
Placing food items into the pantry and refrigerator.
Unpacking Clothes and hanging in wardrobes.
Linen and towels are sorted and color coordinated.
Books are neatly arranged onto bookshelves.
Crystal, silverware and family heirlooms placed into wall units::

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Chennai MAX Packers and Movers

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