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Planetary Mixer Kneader - PMH


A Quality Product from
NETZSCH INDIA [View Profile]
Chennai - India

Description :
Planetary Mixing and Kneading PML Machines (Planetary Mixer, slow speed) and PMH (Planetary Mixer, high speed) work according to the planetary system. They are used for thixotropic and viscous products with high viscosities.
Thermo-sensitive products can be mixed gently with this system. Even powdered and very light components can be quickly dispersed in liquids, achieving an optimum fineness and distribution.::

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**Manufacturing, Trading and Exporting of Following range of products :
Filteration Products : Mobile Filter Press Plants, Plant Enginering and Automation, Chamber Filter Press, Membrane Filter Press, Filter Cake Dryers, Belt Dryers, Conti Press, Conti Press Process, Discharge [Drip] Flaps, Cloth Washing Device, Fast Filter Pack Discharge, Plate Shifting - Multi / Single Pawl, Tiltable Frame, Filter Cake Shaking Device, Filter Cloth Lowering Device, Filter Cake Scraping Device.
Pumps : Block Construction Pumps, Dosing Pumps, Screw Feed, Barrel Emptying Pumps, Hygienic Pump, Asceptic Pump, Rotary Lobe Pumps, Progressive Cavity Pumps, NETSCH Submersible, High Pressure Pumps Robe Dispenser, Nemo Macerators, Nemo Diagnost - System.TTP.
Grinding and Dispersing : Batch Mill, Horizontal Mill Labstar, Lab Top Mill, Lab Planetory Mixer, Mini Zeta, High Performance Roller Mill, Fluidised Bed Mill, Universal Mill, Cutting Granulator.
Thermal Analysis : DSC, TGA, DMA, TMA, STA Luxx, Diatometer, Laser Flash Apparatus, Pulse TA, Refactory, NETZSCH Holometrix Range.
**Laboratory Equipments for Total Thermal Characterization Using DSC, TGA, TG/DTA, DMA,TMA,
**Dilatometers, Coupling systems for Quality control and Research & Development work.

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