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Wood screws


A Quality Product from
NABS Inc [View Profile]
Chennai - India

Description :
Wood screws and their related products have been a core to the NABS business for almost half a century. For all those years we have supplied trade partners, the building industry and furniture manufacturers with wood screws - brass wood screws, steel and of every conceivable type - in quantities and specifications as required, often off the shelf. Additionally, from our global supply network, we are happy to quote for high volume orders. Wood screws from NABS, whether in low quantities or high - in brass, steel or other - are always highly competitively priced. All this, plus NABS commitment to superior standards of quality control and service continues to grow our wood screws supply service to major customers' year on year.

Wood screws from NABS are available in steel, zinc plated and brass. Types of wood screws stocked include Slotted Flat Head, Phillips Bulge Head, Square recess particle board screws, Phillips Pan head framing screws, thread dowel screws, hex head lag screws, Flat Phillips, Oval Phillips, Round Phillips, Flat Slotted, Oval Slotted and Round Slotted.

No matter what industry sector, no matter what applications, NABS is recognised as the most efficient and cost-effective resource for wood screws, machine screws, socket screws, shoulder screws, SEMS, thumb screws, thread forming screws, self tapping screws, standoffs, brass nuts, plastic fasteners, die castings, mechanical components and more. From our locations, fully supported by a worldwide base of high quality specialist manufacturing, NABS has for many years supplied a growing list of world-class customers in the fields of electronics, computers, telecoms, engineering and medical. Thousands of products in hundreds of variants - they're all available now from NABS. Check out our other product pages now.


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Manufacturers of screws, nuts and mechanical components, Industrial fasteners, precision machined parts, inventory management programs, Fasteners, Labels, Screws, Stickers, Logos, Nuts, Bolts, Rivets, Cables, Shafts, Pins, Rings, Plastic parts, Washers, standoffs, Spacers, stampings, springs, Rubber parts, Metal parts, Metal Sticker, CNC parts, VMI programme, NABS Candyman, Computer screws. SMALL PRODUCTS : - Mechanical / Electromechanical Components - Die Castings - Screws - Standoffs / Spacers - Plastic Fasteners - Nuts - Cable ties - Compression springs - Machined parts - Metal stampings RUBBERS & PLASTICS : - Nylon spacers - Plastic extrusions - Rubber bumpers - Rubber gaskets - Rubber grommets - Rubber mouldings LABELS - Clear Id Overlays - Asset Tags - Mylar Labels - Adhesive Labels - Hologram Labels - Safety Labels - Barcode Labels - Asset Labels - Foil Labels - Thermal Transfer Labels - Warning Labels - Polyester Labels - Tamper Evident Labels CASTINGS & FORGINGS - High Pressure Castings - Gravity Die Castings - Metal Casting - Iron Castings - Non Ferrous Castings - Aluminium Extrusion - Sand Castings - Metal Forging - Metal Castings - Aluminium Castings - Stainless Steel Castings - Investment Castings - Steel Forgings - Aluminium Extrusions - Forgings

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NABS source and supply high volumes of screws for major international blue chip clients. With a global supply network we also provide screws of all types and variations to individu ....

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