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Wheels India Limited


Wheels India Limited

Wire Wheels


A Quality Product from
Wheels India Limited [View Profile]
Chennai - India

Description :
For Contemprorary & Classic Cars, MUV's & SUV's.
*Classic Styling - Built with latest materials and technology, while preserving classic styling.
*Wheels are built to last. Durability is ensured by testing to international standards.
*In-house R & D, to develop wheels to suit specific vehicle applications too.
*High strength steel spokes and nipples. Options exist for high corrosion resistant stainless steel components as well as full stainless steel wheels.
*Precision machined parts to ensure fitment accuracy
*More finish types to cater to varied

Chrome Finish: Chrome over multilayered Nickel plating. The surface finish is enhanced by using latest levelling Brighteners in Nickel plating.
Paint Finish: Silver Ash over CED Primer. CED Primer coating is a high corrosion resistant Cathodic Electrophoratic Deposition.
Gold Plating:Decorative Gold Plating of 22 karat Gold. Options exist for Gold plating of different parts of the wheel as well as full wheel.
Stainless Steel Natural: Total wheel made of high corrosion resistant austenetic stainless steel components in natural finish.::

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Wheels India Limited

Manufacturers of Wheels for Automobiles Wheels for Heavy Vehicles, Wheels for Light Vehicles, Wheels for Agricultural Applications, Wheels for Agricultural Applications Wheels for Heavy Vehicles: Trucks, Buses, Light Commercial Vehicles, Trailers, Tippers. Wheels for Light Vehicles: Passenger Cars, Mini Vans, SUV's & MUV's. Wheels for Agricultural Applications: Tractors, Combines, Farm Equipments. Wheels for Agricultural Applications: Dumpers, Loaders. Wire Wheels: For Contemporary & Classic Cars, MUV's & SUV's. Air Suspension.

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