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N.K. Ahammed


N.K. Ahammed



A Quality Product from
N.K. Ahammed [View Profile]
Chennai - India

Description :
Shuttering and Film-faced Plywood :
Shuttering and Film-faced Ply are made from selected Silver Oak trees, both on the faces and the core, and chemical-impregnated to make them highly durable and sturdy. This enables repeat use in construction works. They can be reused as many as twenty times on either side under optimum conditions.

Marine Plywood :
Marine Ply is made from timber of a single species. Selected pieces of core and face veneers are PF resin bonded. Since no rubber or inferior wood is used for the manufacture of this plywood, it is more resistant to water and insect attack.

Decorative Plywood :
Decorative Ply is made from selected cores of Silver Oak, bonded with urea formaldehyde synthetic resin. It is pre-pressed and hot-pressed with matched core veneers to eliminate core gaps and overlapping.

Commercial Plywood :
Generally used for interior work such as Wardrobes, Partition, Door and so on. it is either laminated or painted.::

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N.K. Ahammed

We are one of the leading trading house dealing in all kinds of Timber, Plywood, Hard Board, Block Board, Soft Board, Ceiling Tiles, Plain & Pre-Laminated Particle Board, Clay Tiles (Roofing, Weathering & Decorative), Paving Tiles (For Car Parking & Pathways), Fibre & Plastic Roofing Sheets, Asbestos Sheets, Lightroof Sheets, Adhesives Etc. We are also Direct Importers of Superior Quality Pre-Laminated Particle Boards and Wall Paneling Materials i.E. (Tongue & Groove Joint - MDF with Foil Wrapped). PRODUCTS : -Timber -Plywoods -Laminates -Veneers -Floor Tiles -Roof Tiles -Ceiling Tiles -Adhesives -Asbestos Sheets -Bricks -Doors. Imported Products : -Pre Laminated Particle Boards -MDF Profiles -Solid Wood Panels. Timer : -Burma Teak -African Teak -Sal (Kongu) -Padauk -Kushia (Manju Kadambu) -Silver Wood -Gurjan Ven Teak -Rubber Wood -Steam Beech -Treated & Seasoned Hard woods. Plywood : -Shuttering and Film-faced Plywood -Marine Plywood -Decorative Plywood -Commercial Plywood. Floor Tiles : -Terracotta Floorings -Cement Concrete Based Floorings. Roof Tiles : -Manglore Tiles Double Grove Roofing -Manglore Tiles Single Grove Roofing -Taylor Tiles Roofing -Portuguese Tiles Roofing -Dutch Tiles Roofing -White House Tiles Roofing and -Other Decorative facing & Sloping Tiles. Adhesive : -Fevicol -Vamical -Centurycol. Doors : -NK FLUSH DOORS.

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