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Ultra Low Penetration Air (ULPA) Filters


A Quality Product from
Multilab [View Profile]
Chennai - India

Description :
Type F ULPA filter with the typical efficiency of 99.9997% will be supplied as per requirements
Suitable for ISO Class 3 air cleanliness requirements as per ISO 14644-1 ( Equivalent to Class 1 as per US Federal Standard 209).::

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We are Traders/Services and Exporters Of Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Research Institutes, Government Organisation, Institutes and cleanroom equipment technology with a history of quality products. Biochemicals, ready prepared culture media, cell culture tested chemicals, molecular biology chemicals, fine chemiclas, analytical reagents and etc. Cleanroom Equipment, Consumables and Testing :- Laminar flow, Biohazard safety, Fan Filter Units, Dispensing & Sampling Booths and all type of HEPA-filtered cabinets and etc. Laboratory Equipment :- BOD Incubators, Deep Freezers, Hot Air Oven, Auto Clave and etc. Pharmaceutical & Kitchen Equipments :- S.S 304, 316, 316L Garment Storage Cabinets, Cross Over Benchs, Dust Bin, Storage Bins, Scoops, Storage Racks and etc. Testing Equipment :- Metal Testing Equipments, Rubber Testing Equipments, Leather Testing Equipments, Plastic Testing Equipments, Textile Testing Equipments, Paint/Coating Testing Equipments, Concrete, Cement, Aggregate Testing Equipments, Petroleum Testing Equipments, Wood Testing Equipments, Paper Testing Equipments, Special Testing Equipments and etc. Laboratory Chemicals :- Laboratory Aids, Applichem Chemicals, Bacteriological Differentiation Aids, Cell Culture Media, Culture Media Bases, Dehydrated Culture Media, Bases & Supplements, Ready Prepared Culture Media, Antimicrobial Susceptibility Systems, Bio Chemicals, Blood and Urea, Chemicals, Stains & Indicators ( Practical Grade ), Antibacterial & Antifungal Agents, Kit for Biochemicals, Water Testing Kits, Molecular Biology, Cell Culture Tested Chemicals and etc.

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