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Automatic Tissue Processors - Improved


A Quality Product from
Multilab [View Profile]
Chennai - India

Description :
A Compact and sturdy instrument designed with latest technology for complete automatic dehydration and filtration of human, animal and plant's tissues, up to final fixing in wax. Preprogrammable provision for dehydration cycle (user selectable) is a standard feature. Glass door with lock and key arrangement provided for easy viewing also prevents unauthorised tampering of timing cycle.

Tissues are subjected to continuous agitation by rotating S.S.Tissue basket for thorough penetration of reagents. Provision for automatic adjustable delay start is a stand feature. Imported thermostat controls S.S.Wax bath temperature and maintains it throughout the process.

Supplied complete with One S.S. Basket Rotor, One S.S.Tissue Basket, 24 Nos. S.S. Tissue Capsules, 10 Nos. One litre capacity Glass Beakers, 11 Nos. Beaker Covers 2 Nos. S.S. Wax Baths each fitted with reputed make Thermostat, 5 Nos. 24 hours calibrated metallic timing discs, and One notch plier to program timing disc.

Suitable to work on 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply.

Capacity:- 1 Litre.

Spare Accessories:-
Automatic wax bath
Beajer without lip
Basket rotor wich rotates the tissue basket slowly
Tissue capsule basket S.S. even perforation
Tissue capsule S.S. 28 x 28 x 9 mm with sliding cover.
Tissue capsule S.S. 20 x 20 x 10 mm with sliding cover.
Tissue capsule S.s. Circular, 36 mm dia. with auto press lid.
Divider for Tissue capsule 's' shape.
Divider for Tissue capsule 'v' shape.
Timing Disc calibrated for 24 hours.::

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We are Traders/Services and Exporters Of Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Research Institutes, Government Organisation, Institutes and cleanroom equipment technology with a history of quality products. Biochemicals, ready prepared culture media, cell culture tested chemicals, molecular biology chemicals, fine chemiclas, analytical reagents and etc. Cleanroom Equipment, Consumables and Testing :- Laminar flow, Biohazard safety, Fan Filter Units, Dispensing & Sampling Booths and all type of HEPA-filtered cabinets and etc. Laboratory Equipment :- BOD Incubators, Deep Freezers, Hot Air Oven, Auto Clave and etc. Pharmaceutical & Kitchen Equipments :- S.S 304, 316, 316L Garment Storage Cabinets, Cross Over Benchs, Dust Bin, Storage Bins, Scoops, Storage Racks and etc. Testing Equipment :- Metal Testing Equipments, Rubber Testing Equipments, Leather Testing Equipments, Plastic Testing Equipments, Textile Testing Equipments, Paint/Coating Testing Equipments, Concrete, Cement, Aggregate Testing Equipments, Petroleum Testing Equipments, Wood Testing Equipments, Paper Testing Equipments, Special Testing Equipments and etc. Laboratory Chemicals :- Laboratory Aids, Applichem Chemicals, Bacteriological Differentiation Aids, Cell Culture Media, Culture Media Bases, Dehydrated Culture Media, Bases & Supplements, Ready Prepared Culture Media, Antimicrobial Susceptibility Systems, Bio Chemicals, Blood and Urea, Chemicals, Stains & Indicators ( Practical Grade ), Antibacterial & Antifungal Agents, Kit for Biochemicals, Water Testing Kits, Molecular Biology, Cell Culture Tested Chemicals and etc.

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