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ZINCOVIT SYRUP (for Prophylactic use)


A Quality Product from
APEX LABS.LTD [View Profile]

Description :
Zincovit syrup is a supplement for the growth of children

Zinc in Growth:
The inhibition of growth is a cardinal symptom of zinc deficiency.
Zinc participates in the regulation of cell proliferation in several ways.It is essential for enzyme systems that influence cell division and proliferation. Zinc may directly regulate DNA synthesis which ensures proper growth.

Zinc in Immunity:
Zinc supplementation in children has been proved to boost up Immunity.

Zinc in Intelligence:
Zinc supplementation reduces the deficits in mental development and behaviour that are found in term infants of low birth weight.


Product Applications :
Paediatric patients, Pregnant women, surgical patients, Acne, Phrynoderma, Acrodermatitis enteropathica, Folliculitis, Nutritional Disorders due to inadequate diet.
Except conditions where patients are allergic to individual vitamins or minerals.
Two teaspoonful or as directed by the physician
Yellow coloured,palatable,orange flavoured syrup


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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the top Chennai (India) Based Pharmaceutical manufacturing Company having State-of-the-Art Manufacturing facilities and Research and Development laboratory situated In Alathur Pharmaceutical complex. Our factory also possessed Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate as per World Health Organization standards. We are also pleased to inform you that we hold ISO 9002 accreditation Issued by BVQI (Bureau Veritas Quality International). Apex Laboatories Ltd is manufacturing various dosage pharmaceutical Products, like Tablets (coated and uncoated), Capsules, Oral Liquids Including suspensions, Dry Syrups, external preparations like Ointments, Creams & solutions, both in Allopathic and Ayurvedic (Herbal) Preparations. Apex Labotories Ltd core business is manufacturing and marketing its wide Range of quality Pharmaceutical products focusing on Ethical Indian Market, apart from focusing on Institutional and International markets. We are also focusing in the international market both in Generic and Branded formulations.We have registered our wide range of products in CIS Countries, African and South East Asian countries and exporting our Products to Ukraine, Zambia, Kenya, Malaysia and Srilanka. We are also Exploring in the markets in East and West Africa and Latin America. Being A successful pharmaceutical manufacturer over the years, our aim is to set Up a sophisticated formulation facility conforming to the US FDA, the UK's MCA and Australian's TGA Standards, to become a Globally Acknowledged Pharmaceutical firm and thereby to serve the humanity. Apex Laboatories Ltd through its R&D network is working on a number of Innovative, research oriented Herbal products it should be marketed in International market shortly. We wish to assure you our competitive prices, prompt delivery and quality Products. For further information about our company please visit our website: Www.Apexlab.Com. We attach our product list for your kind perusal. We look forward to receive your feed back on tieing up with your Company On a long-term basis, for contract manufacturing for domestic and International markets. With warm regards, (K.V.SUBBARAMANIAN) MANAGER - EXPORTS

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